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May 1, 2011

Easter Sunday...

Our Easter Sunday service was so amazing! We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful Church service and overall day of celebration.

I have to admit, going into Sunday, I was wondering how I was going to do.
I looked so forward to celebrating this precious holiday with Madeline.
I couldn't wait to put her in her sweet Easter dress and put a big bow in her beautiful hair. I wanted to set her on her "bunnie" blanket that was made for her and snap pics of her surrounded with Easter eggs.

I wanted to put her in the same big basket that we put the boys in on their first Easter. I wanted all that so very much. But, I knew that she was in Heaven with the One that Easter was really all about. I tried to remember that.

I tried to stay positive and remember all the "good things" going on in my life. I have a wonderful marriage. I have 2 precious little boys. I have a new little life growing inside of me. I have a Savior who died for me and because of that, we are celebrating Him on this Easter Sunday.

So, as I woke up that day, reminding myself that this day was all about the Lord and what He did for me. The price He paid for me on Calvary that has given me everlasting life. How could I not smile about that? So, I pressed forward, and got ready for our Easter services.

When I arrived at Church, I was excited to see what the Lord would do. I had been praying we could see at least one soul saved that day. I was hoping God would really move.

When I made my way into my SS class, I walked in to a group of 16 young ladies! I couldn't believe what a crowd I had. I sat down, passed out candy and introduced myself to our visitors. I love teaching this young ladies class. They are so sweet and caring, I truly enjoy seeing God working in their lives.

I opened my Bible and began telling them the story of the Gospel; the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. It was a story that many of them had heard before, but some acted as if this was the first time they heard it. Toward the end of my lesson, I began giving the plan of Salvation. I noticed the questioning faces. I noticed the curiosity of what I was saying. I went through the verses and told them of What Christ did for us. That morning, I had the opportunity to lead 6 of those girls to the Lord. 6 girls got saved!!! 6! I couldn't believe it. I asked God to bless us with one the entire service and 6 had before the main service even started. God is so good.

I walked down stairs with the biggest smile on my face and ran to tell Rick what God had done. I finally found him as he was preparing for our Cantata and told him the news. He smiled and said, "I already heard." "The girls came and told me we love your wife, and she showed us how to be saved." What a blessing!

I started thinking about those six girls and the celebration going on up in Heaven. I thought of how Maddie was a part of it! I hoped that she was proud of me. What joy. I thought of her when I took the 6 girls name down. You see "6" was Maddie's number. She was born at 6 pm on 1/6 and weighed 6 lbs 12 oz. I will always relate "6's" with her. =)

So, on this day when I thought I would be crying over all the little girl's in their Easter dresses, I wasn't. I was rejoicing about what the Lord was doing.

After this, I made my way up to Choir. The Church was completely packed and they were bringing chairs in to give people a place to sit. I couldn't help but smile as God was working. We sang our beautiful Cantata and was feeling so blessed by the words. I found myself tearing up thinking about what Jesus did for us. How He gave His life for mine. It was amazing.

After the Cantata and other specials, Rick got up to give some brief announcements. Before, he finished he said, "And I have one more announcement. My wife and I went to the Doctor last week and found out we are expecting another child." Before he could even get it out, the entire congregation started cheering and clapping for us. They were thrilled to hear our good news. We are thrilled that they can now pray for us more specifically. We have such wonderful people in our Church. We have been so blessed by them over the years, and specifically in the last 3 1/2 months. We love them.

The main service was wonderful and we had 4 more souls get saved next door. God was really working. My Pastor gave a wonderful message on the resurrection of Christ. God was moving.

After the service, we had a huge Easter egg hunt for the kiddo's. They were loving running after the eggs and trying to find the special eggs and win baskets. It really turned out to be great day overall. I didn't cry. I didn't break down. God held me up the whole day. It was wonderful.

During the egg hunt, I had numerous people coming up to me to congratulate me with tears in their eyes. I loved getting the hug's and hearing so many say "I was praying for this." It made me feel so very loved.

We spent the rest of our Easter having family dinners and then heading back to Church. I tucked my boys into bed that night, thankful for such a wonderful Easter Sunday. God did a great work, and because of it, 10 more souls are on their way to Heaven. Praise the Lord!

I hope that all of your Easter Sunday's were great too. Thank you all for your sweet words and for helping us along this journey! Thank you for being here.


  1. Thank you for loving those girls and showing them how to be saved! My 6 year old daughter just came to me this past Sunday and said that she was ready to ask Jesus into her heart! Now she is assured of heaven and that some day she will be reunited with her baby brother :)