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July 28, 2013

Team Ross... Play ball!!!

What's more cute than 3 little boys???

Why three little boys in ball shirts covered in mud of course! =)

Here are all the shots from the boys "play ball" photo-shoot. I never thought I would a Momma of boys, but I sure am loving it!

Go team Ross!!!

Pictures were taken by Leah Sandlin of Precious Photography..

Ready... Play ball!

Jonah Asher- 17 months

Noah Riley-7

Elijah Braden-5

I'd pick them for my team any day!

I mean.... how cute is this? =)

Our sweet Cheerleader always watching over us in Heaven..
Miss you Maddie Grace. <3

Studs... just like Daddy!


Eli found a little friend

Mamas boys... SO.BLESSED.

Bubble gum, anyone?


I can't even take how cute he is. =)


What? I don't know who broke the window??

He did it!

Blowing a big old bubble.

And this is what happened when I took the gum away... =)
Hope you enjoyed my adorable boys!
Much Love,

July 25, 2013

Hello friends!!!

I'm so very sorry how badly I've neglected to write this summer.. I feel terrible!

I promise I still plan to keep this blog going and I will write soon.

We have SO many things going on!

Rick and I just celebrated 10 years of marriage and took a fabulous trip together. (pics to come)

We hosted another fabulous Vacation Bible School.

And..... We are moving!!! To the Farmhouse!!!

We are so excited about the doors the Lord has opened and all of his provision in our lives. He truly is so good. We can't wait to see what else He has in store for us in this new chapter of our lives! =)

I'm going to start uploading pictures of our summer and also adding the rest of the "Play ball pics" to my last post.

In the mean time if you would like something to read... Head on over to our "Mom's Blog~ Living on Pb&J" I was the guest poster this week.

I'm hoping life will slow down soon and I can find more time to do what I love most... write!

Love and Prayers to you all.

Much Love,