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May 12, 2013

The dash in between...

It's late afternoon on Mother's Day and all my sweet boys are sleeping.. even my big guy. =)

I laid in my bed for a few minutes watching the wind rustle the tree branches and the leaves outside when I decided to get on my laptop and write.

Sometimes, I just need to get my fingers on my keyboard and let go.. express my emotions, let go of my thoughts and put them onto paper (or a computer screen I should say. =)

I made my way to my couch and opened my blinds. I love to be able to see outside. My little dog Lexie sat down beside me on the couch and even she fell asleep. Oh how I wish I could nap some days.

As I sit here, peering out the window and listening to my rose bushes tap against the windows, I keep remembering something my Pastor mentioned in our service this morning. It is something that spoke to him the first time he heard it, and now it's speaking to me.

He preached on "What is your life?" He talked about our roles and what we are and of course mentioned being a Mother as we celebrate all things about "Mother's" today.
But he mentioned something that seems to keep echoing through my mind as I sit here in this quiet peaceful house this afternoon...

He said "When we look at a tombstone we see two things. We see a day of birth and a day of death. They are dates that have much significance, but still they are just dates. What really tells the story about someone is what is done during that dash in between."

For that dash represents the life and what is done in between those dates is what is remembered.

I sat there for a minute, my mind immediately rushing to Madeline... For she only had one day of life in between her dash.

Only one day.

It made me sad. It just wasn't enough time.

Oh the dreams and plans I had for her. The memories we would make. The life we would give her.

But in a day, it was over. She was back with the One who gave her to me.

Her dash didn't speak of many years but just a day.

January 7th was that day.

It was that perfect snowy day that I spent with my daughter surrounded by family and friends.

It was a day that I watched her Daddy sing to her and brush her hair.

It was a day that her brothers held her, gave her the passy and fussed over her and called her their "Baby Maddie."

It was the day that I watched a photographer situate her in her pink and turquoise tutu and I beamed with pride as she photographed and fussed over my sweet baby girl.

It was just a short time. Just a day in between.

But oh what it's taught me.

She taught me to have a heart for other's going through trials.

She taught me to live life and love my family like there is no tomorrow, because there might not be.

She taught me to serve God no mater what, because He loved me so much to give me His Son and that is the greatest sacrifice of all.

She has taught me so many things.

And so on this Mother's day as I ponder these things while my babies sleep upstairs, I remember this;
What will my dash in between represent?

I pray that it will speak of much to many.

I pray that it will flood others minds with sweet moments and memories with me.

I pray that it will stand for the One who gave me my eternity in Heaven with my Savior and my loved ones who have gone before.

I pray that it will lead others to Him.

Your life doesn't have to be long to be used.

Maddie Grace's little life has touched so many in her short 40 hours here on earth. I'm proud of my sweet little girl.

My heart aches today for those whose Mother's have gone on to Heaven. as well as my friends with children in Heaven. This day is not happy and easy for everyone. I ache for those who have not yet had the privilege to be called "Mama" and I pray that they will get to know that blessing.

For me this is a day of celebration, yes, but it's also a day of remembrance. My sweet children bless my heart so much every single day, but one of them is not present day to day, and for her I ache.

May today be a beautiful day for you, wherever you are. May you find joy and happiness even amidst the pain.

Life is a beautiful thing and one day we will all have a dash in between our dates, I just want to encourage you to live out those days to the fullest. Sometimes life is brief, but God is ALWAYS good.

...In Christ alone, my hope is found. He is my life, my strength, my song.
This cornerstone, this solid ground. Firm through the fiercest drought and storm...

No guilt in life, no fear in death. This is the power of Christ in me
From a life's first cry -- to final breath. Jesus commands my destiny. - In Christ alone

Much Love,

This is a sneak peak at the boys latest photo shoot... MORE to come! =)

Missing my Madeline today and remembering her, today and every day! So thankful she is our little cheerleader in Heaven, always rooting us on! Thank you Maddie for so much. I love you, Momma.