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July 28, 2013

Team Ross... Play ball!!!

What's more cute than 3 little boys???

Why three little boys in ball shirts covered in mud of course! =)

Here are all the shots from the boys "play ball" photo-shoot. I never thought I would a Momma of boys, but I sure am loving it!

Go team Ross!!!

Pictures were taken by Leah Sandlin of Precious Photography..

Ready... Play ball!

Jonah Asher- 17 months

Noah Riley-7

Elijah Braden-5

I'd pick them for my team any day!

I mean.... how cute is this? =)

Our sweet Cheerleader always watching over us in Heaven..
Miss you Maddie Grace. <3

Studs... just like Daddy!


Eli found a little friend

Mamas boys... SO.BLESSED.

Bubble gum, anyone?


I can't even take how cute he is. =)


What? I don't know who broke the window??

He did it!

Blowing a big old bubble.

And this is what happened when I took the gum away... =)
Hope you enjoyed my adorable boys!
Much Love,

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