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July 8, 2011

Days of Celebrating...

Well we have been doing a lot of celebrating around here lately and I wanted to share about it all!

I never thought that I could be smiling and celebrating again considering all we have been through in the last 6 months, but God has provided grace and given us hope to move forward into the future, always carrying our baby girl with us. I feel like I'm getting stronger day by day. I still miss her so much but it seems like since I realized that time isn't going to heal me, it's getting a little easier. God is providing strength and healing.

So our celebrating began on the 3rd! My sweet nephew Kaelan Erik turned 3 years old and he had the cutest Elmo party ever. He absolutely LOVES Sesame Street and his Mama really put a lot of detail into making his party special for him. Check it out...

Aren't those Oreo Pops the cutest? Love them!

Eli enjoying his Elmo cookie =)

The Birthday Boy!

We had fun celebrating with Kaelan. Our boys are very close to their cousin and I'm so glad they are all growing up together. Now we just can't wait to see if 2 more boys or 2 girls or one of each will be added into this group of kiddo's. It's such a blessing to know that our family is so close and all the kid's can be a part of each other's lives. God has really blessed us!

The next day was the 4th of July and we had a lot planned. It was a Sunday and we started off with the morning service at Church. Rick's Dad had been around some poison sumac and had a severe allergic reaction which put him in the hospital Sunday morning. So, Rick stepped in for his Dad while he was recovering. Rick led the 4th of July Cantata and it went great. The words about this wonderful country and the freedoms that we have were such a blessing. We really do in the greatest Country on Earth!

Rick then gave a message on "By his stripes we are healed."  He talked about how through Christ dying on the cross for us, he gave us the ultimate freedom from Hell if we accept Him. What a wonderful thing he has given us the opportunity to obtain. I'm so excited that I have a home waiting for me in Heaven with my Lord and my little girl.

The morning service moved so many and God was really working.

Rick and I had planned on leaving after the Sunday service and heading to Cincinnati for the rest of the day and over night.

You see on July the 4th 2002, at the age of 19 years old, my boyfriend (back then) proposed to me. =) The fourth of July has always been a special day for us. So a year later on July 5th, 2003, we got married!

So, we planned on heading away overnight since Rick had the rest of the day off for the 4th. Well, we couldn't go that afternoon because he needed to preach the evening service that night at Church. I have to admit, I was a little bummed that we weren't going to get down there until late because I was so looking forward to spending the whole day together, just us. But, God worked everything out for us.

Rick preached another wonderful message and we headed out right after the service ended around 8 pm. We made it to the Hyatt Hotel downtown and got settled. By this point, the two of us were really hungry so we decided to walk around and find a restaurant.

We did not know it but we were less than onr blovk away from Fountain Square and they were going to be putting on a fireworks display in just about an hour. So, we found a little Italian restaurant over looking Fountain Square and had dinner on the terrace.

The food was delicious and at the end of our meal, we were able to watch the fireworks from our table on the balcony. Talk about romantic!!!

It reminded us of the night we got engaged. Fireworks were going off everywhere and it felt like there was no one else in the world, but us... It was perfect.

We walked around and snapped some pictures and had fun, just the two of us.

I still can't believe it's been 8 years since we got married and 13 since we first met. I love this man!

After dinner and the firweworks, we headed back to our hotel and decided to watch a movie and get this... We just so happened to be the "customers of the day" and they gave us unlimited movie rentals for the night on the house. And we had the most beautiful view of the river and the lights.

It was so neat. I couldn't help but tell Rick how happy I was that this evening worked out so well. I know that was all the Lord. We stayed faithful to Him and He blessed us. I will never forget that night. It was perfect!

The next day we slept in and then decided to get some lunch together. We love Joe's Crab shack and go there often on our anniversary. So, we headed across the river and had lunch together. It was so yummy. Here's a couple pics...

Ha ha... He makes me laugh!

Yummy, huh? =)

Then we went to get pedicures together. So fun!

Yes, my husband is one of those guys who likes to be pampered and he deserves every single second of it. We talked about the kids and the baby on the way and just had a lot of fun.

Then we headed home to pick up the boys and go to a 4th of July picnic with the family. It was such a great weekend.

Elijah Braden- 3 1/2

Noah Riley- 5 3/4

On the 6th, I couldn't stop thinking about Maddie Grace. She would have been 6 months old. So hard to believe. I knew that day would be a challenge for me but I decided instead of crying I would be celebrating for her. I looked through all her pictures and spent some time in her room. Rick and I talked about some of the sweet memories we shared with her. It was sweet. I miss her so, but I'm thankful I had her. I love her.

She has been in Heaven 6 months today. 2 days will never have been long enough to have had her. I will always ache for her, but I'm so glad that I can see her in my boys. I hope I can see her in this next baby too. She is worth celebrating. What a precious little life she lived.

This picture was taken moments after she was born. I will never forget her looking up at me. Love her. <3

So, those were some of our moments of celebrating this past week. I hope that all of you enjoyed your holiday weekend as well. God is good and I'm thankful for the blessings on my life.

Blessings to you, too!

Much Love,
Natalie Ross


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I'm glad you had such a good time. <3

  2. Love the photos Natalie. :)

    Happy anniversary as well- how perfectly did th evening fireworks/dinner work out, huh? :)

  3. Hi there! I'm a new follower. I read your story last night and just sobbed. You are such a strong momma!! I enjoyed reading how much you love and trust God in this time. I have a sweet little Allyson Grace and just teared up as soon as I read about your precious Maddie Grace. She is beautiful!! Okay okay enough of my ramblings ...

    Glad you had a good weekend!