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April 13, 2011

A walk down memory lane...

A few nights ago, I had the opportunity to spend some alone time with my first born, Noah Riley.

Rick had gone on visitation and taken Eli with him, so it was just going to be Noah and I for the evening, until they got back. Whenever I get a chance to have alone time with him, I really enjoy it.

That night, Noah was going to help me make dinner. He loves to help me bake and cook and he's really good at making things. He volunteers to do anything and everything, it's so cute.

Before we got started on dinner, I asked him if he wanted to take a walk with me and do some exploring. I can tell you, 5 year old boys and anything outside, go together hand in hand. He was thrilled!

We headed out on our adventure and I was enjoying spending time with him. He was talking my ear off about School, reading, and his friends and cousins.
I don't think I got a word in for the first half mile, but I was loving it. (He comes by it honest, Rick and I LOVE to talk too :)

I loved watching him talk about life with such excitement and joy. He has such a sweet spirit. As we walked and I listened to him tell his "stories" I couldn't help but smile. I'm glad even with everything we've been through, He's still so happy.

I remember the day I had him. I was 22 and I was so nervous about becoming a Mom. I had no clue what I was doing and I was just praying that God would help me. The day I brought him into the world changed me forever. He made me a Mommy. He has taught me so much in the last 5 precious years. I just love him so much.

As we continued on our walk, we found all kinds of things.

Noah is really into collecting rock's and anything that has to do with nature. He found some really neat leaves, pinecones and even a 3 leaf clover. He's lucky. =)

He was so cute as he was shoving all of his finds into his jean pockets. I couldn't help but laugh. I see so much of Rick in him. He's a "mini Rick" for sure. =) I love that.

I can see Maddie Grace in him too. I love that I can see her in my boys. That way a physical piece of her is always with me. It makes me smile.

As we made it around the block, we were approaching my old Elementary School. We don't live far from there, and Noah loves to walk by and see all my old classrooms. Especially now that he is in School himself, he loves to know what I liked in Kindergarten. Who my teacher was. What games I played at recess.

It was sweet.

So as we walked by all the rooms and I told him all about me in Elementary School, he was excited. He loves to hear mine and Rick's stories about growing up, and he remembers every little detail we tell him. He's so smart.

I told him about my first day of school and the Minnie Mouse dress that I wore. I told him about my teacher Mrs. Larson and how much I loved school.

At one point he told me, "I LOVE school too, Mommy, I'm just like you." It was precious.

We walked over to the playground and played hopscotch and 4 square. Noah was running and laughing and so happy. I could feel his enthusiasm for life rubbing off on me. He is so full of joy.

It was in that moment I realized once again, just how lucky I am to have him. He's healthy and happy and he is here.

I miss Maddie Grace so much everyday, and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. And even as I told Noah about my Kindergarten experience, I was sad that I would never experience that with Maddie.

Yet, Noah always knows how to cheer me up and make me aware of the wonderful blessings that I have in my life.

So, as we took that walk down memory lane that day, I was thankful. Thankful for the wonderful childhood that I had growing up. Thankful for my little 5 year old who makes me smile everyday. Thankful for the nice fresh air and the sun on my face. Thankful that we have a beautiful home to go home to. Thankful for the opportunity to be a Mom. Thankful for the family that God has given me.

Just thankful.

I'm so glad I had the opportunity that night to get a breath of fresh air from my sweet little boy. He is such a blessing in my life.

Noah Riley- 3 weeks

Noah- 4 Months

Noah- age one

Noah- age 2

Noah- age 3

Noah- age 4

Noah- age 5

Noah on his first day of School. =)


  1. This was so sweet, Natalie! Your Noah is so handsome. Thank you for reminding me just how blessed I, too, am have a special first born that is so considerate and a joy to be around. You have challenged me. Thank you for your continued example. I have grown to love and care for you and your family. I hope and pray you have a most wonderful day!
    Autumn Childers

  2. Oh Nat, this brought tears to my eyes. Noah is such a precious and sweet boy. I'm so thankful the Lord brought him into your family, and I'm thankful that we've gotten the chance to know him too. He is very smart! I just love him. Hope you have a wonderful day today! Love you

  3. Oh Natalie,
    He is just so precious. Thank you for sharing your experience and let me tell you Noah really is something special. To walk down memory lane with him must have been fun and all smiles. I'm glad you see the blessings in your life even when so much sadness is there too. Hugs-

  4. He is sooo precious! I LOVED seeing the pics lined up. What a special walk y'all had. Have to stop & slow down sometimes, remind ourselves to do those things & not rush through them. I'm sure he LOVED it.;)~heidi