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April 21, 2011

Growing in Grace...


2 Peter 3:18 But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.

The other evening at our mid week service, My pastor quoted this passage of Scripture and it really spoke to me. I have been thinking about it since...

I write about grace often, because truly it is what has carried me through the last 3 months, and the 9 months before that.

Grace is such a wonderful thing, and I honestly don't know what I would do without it. So as I heard my Pastor speak a little on growing in grace, I knew I had to share.

I feel like now that I'm in my later 20's, I've really grown up. I've become who I am as a person, and as a mom and a wife. I feel like I can always continually become better, but I'm growing, day by day.

Every thing that God has given me in this life has made me who I am. In the good things, I take them with thanksgiving and Praise Him for my blessings. In the bad things, I ask Him for strength and guidance and peace. When I read this verse about "growing in grace" I understand that this growing starts in one simple place... The Bible.

Since I started going to Church at age 16 and started faithfully reading my Bible, I have grown so much. I have learned so much. I have grown in the knowledge of Christ. His word explains everything, if you simply take time to read it.

God's word is full of knowledge and wisdom and understanding. All we have to do is pick it up and read it. The answers are all there. The message is clear, yet we pick up every book for knowledge but the Bible. That is where the history lessons are, it is HIS STORY, and it is perfect.

I have had some hard days recently. I have been a little down, no doubt, but as soon as those feelings start to come, I reach for my Bible and the comfort comes immediately. God is so good.

He is there to listen, He is there to answer, all I have to do is talk to Him and read His word.

My Husband is a Preacher and he most definitely knows how to get a hold of God. He knows how to pray believing and he has been. God has been answering so many of our prayers, giving us so much strength and understanding that we didn't know we would ever find.

We are walking faithfully with God and he is guiding our steps. He is helping us to grow in grace, and it's wonderful!

Rick and I have never missed one day of devotions since Maddie Grace passed away, not one night. Every night before bed, we open His word and read it together, we pray together. It has drawn us closer to each other, and to the Lord.

I would like to challenge each of you to get a devotional life. Take time during the day to get alone with God and pour your heart out to Him and let Him speak to you, It's wonderful.

Then, take time as a couple to search out God's word and spend time in prayer together. It will only make you better and stronger as a couple.

My relationship with God and with my Husband is better than it has ever been and I praise the Lord for it. I don't know if I could have said that before Maddie passed away, she has made us better. I felt like I didn't have enough patience and appreciation for anything in my life prior. She has made me a better person, wife and mother. But most of all, she has made me a better Christian.

I've grown in grace so much over the last 3 months. Believe me, I still have a LOT of growing to do, but what a beautiful start. I am blessed.

Thank you Maddie Grace for teaching me to Grow in Grace. I will be forever grateful for all the precious lessons you have taught me. I love you. ~Mommy

2 Peter 3:18 But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.


  1. Growing closer to God both in times of sadness and in times of joy will benefit anyone. As a couple or family or even as a single person. God is good and the message is clear...allow him into your heart and follow his son, Christ Jesus example and your paths will be made straight and the light will be ever brighter.
    Thank you for this encouraging post Natalie.


  2. Natalie,

    What an encouraging post. The 18th was my oldest daughter's birthday. When you speak about all the precious lessons you are learning from Maddie Grace it brought to mind the precious lessons I have learned from Emma.

    I was told I trusted Christ as my savior at a young age, but I didn't clearly remember this and always struggled with doubts about my salvation. I knew that if I hadn't accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, I would spend eternity separated from Him. God was so good to use my 5 month old daughter to understand the idea of eternal separation from one you love. I guess I couldn't understand separation from God, but the idea of being separated from my daughter for eternity was unbearable. Emma was the tool God used in my life to get past any pride and uncertainty and get the matter settled.

    I cannot imagine being separated from any of my children here on this earth and pray that God will continue to comfort your family as you go thru this time of trial. God is so gracious to give us the hope of eternity with those we love! Thank you for being such an encouragement!