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April 16, 2011

The Robin...


Today(Wednesday), my sweet Dad came over and planted Maddie Grace's tree.

The weather is FINALLY turning nice here in Ohio and we thought it would be a good time to go ahead and get it in the ground.

The boys and I went out with him while he planted it and of course they wanted to help. =) My Dad (their Papa) let them push the dirt and conditioner into the hole and get it ready to put the tree in. They loved that. I felt like in a way, they were doing something special for their little sister, it was an emotional moment for me as I watched them. It melted my heart.

After he prepared the hole, He put the tree in. It made me smile and I watched as he gently planted it and covered it with dirt. He probably spent over an hour making it just right. I could tell it was emotional for my Dad too. He loved Maddie so much, and knowing how much of a Daddy's girl I am, Maddie would have been a Papa's girl.

My Dad is one of those men who pours himself into his work as a part of his therapy. It really breaks my heart. I love him so much and he's been through so much loss in his lifetime. He lost his Mom, Dad and only brother within just a few years of each other, all to cancer. So, if anyone knows how much it hurts to miss someone, it's Him. I love my Daddy and I'm so thankful he is in my life.

Back to the tree...

Once he finished adding the dirt and smoothing it out, we stood at the back of the yard and admired it. It looked great, it was perfect to remember my precious little girl. I can't wait until it blooms, I hope it does soon.

Afterwards, we stood there talking and admiring his hard work. It was then that I noticed a chubby red robin fly over and land on the dirt mound. It was jumping around and playing and looking for food. My Dad and I stood there and watched it. It was the sweetest chubbiest little birdie, and it really did remind me of Maddie, all chubby birds do. =)

I asked Dad if he thought that she sent it to tell us that she loved her tree. We both agreed that she did. It was a special moment.

Later, I went inside and continued on with my chores. I would peek out the kitchen widow occasionally to see if the birdie was still there. It was. She stayed there all day long. It gave me such a comfort and peace and made me smile and think of Madeline.

I was glad that God and Maddie sent that little birdie my way. It made my day a little brighter.

Later that evening, we went to Church.

My mom told me the next day that her and Dad stopped over while we were gone, so she could see Maddie's tree. She then told me that there was a little red robin playing around the tree as they came to see it. My Dad hadn't told her that the same little birdie visited us earlier that day. She thought that was so special.

Isn't it sweet how God can give peace and comfort in such little ways. To someone else, that may have just been a little bird, but to me, it was a hug from my precious little girl.

I love you Miss Maddie Grace, and I'm so happy that you love your tree! =)

Here are the pictures I took today...

Getting ready to plant...
Leveling out the hole...
Pushing in the dirt...
All done... So bummed this is blurry. But look to the right and you can see the sweet little Robin... =)
Noah left this for Maddie Grace. He said he wanted to do something special for her. =)He painted this little rock, picked the flowers and put out his favorite Mickey key chain. <3


  1. Beautiful post! I totally believe that Maddie sent that little bird right to you, she loves her tree!
    You have such sweet boys! It's obvious how much they loved their adorable little sister!

  2. This is the best post. Very touching. I can feel the love and warmth by just reading your words. I cannot wait to see pictures of the tree once it begins to bloom.

  3. Make sure to water your tree a lot once a week until the roots take. Also, you may or may not see blossoms/blooms on your tree the first year you plant because they become distressed. If that happens don't worry it will happen next year. Another thing that might help is tree fertilizer once a week with your watering (we stick the hose right by the tree for about an hour on a low flow). Just a little advice from a landscapers wife. I want you to see that tree flourish!!!

  4. Awww, that is so sweet Natalie!! Please post pictures when the tree blooms - I bet it will be as gorgeous as she is!!

  5. Natalie, I found your blog through another Angel Mommy's blog.... and I know the Lord led me to you. I have 2 little girls and cannot fathom the pain your heart is going through... I can only hope that if I am ever in a place like you are, I could handle it with as much GRACE as you are!! You are in my prayers and I come to your blog daily! (OH! My "little" cousin is at Crown college right now...and I went to Liberty...even though I don't know you, I feel such a bond...)