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October 3, 2012

In these little faces...

A few weeks ago, we had a fall family photo shoot taken and all the photograph's turned out beautifully. I have them loaded up and ready to share on my next post, but today I just wanted to share what's on my heart....
Monday, I was home with Jonah and Eli.. We had just finished preschool and I was picking up toys while Jonah crawled around on the floor. I had sent Eli to his room for something and he ran to get it. Before I could blink, I heard a scream and sobbing coming from the stairwell.
Little Jonah had managed to pull down the baby monitor and rolled across the floor with it. It was still plugged into the wall and so as you can imagine, it was pulled tight right across the doorway that Eli was passing through.
He tripped over it and went head first into the bottom step.
Immediately I picked him up and knew we had to take him to the emergency room. It looked like his nose was definitely broken and I was devastated...
I couldn't believe that quickly.. in a blink. He had gotten hurt so badly.
I wanted to take his pain.
I wanted to make him feel better.
I tried to calm his fears..
But, I couldn't stop thinking how grateful I was that it wasn't worse.
What would I do without him?
How could I survive without another one of my children?!
It scared me so much.
And as I drove him to the hospital, I just kept thinking, don't take a second for granted, Natalie.
Slow down, enjoy them, praise them, hug them, kiss them and listen to them.
Maybe if I wasn't so "worried" about the mess of toys in the corner, I would have seen that Jonah had the monitor pulled out and Elijah wouldn't have tripped. I can't say for sure.
But one thing is for sure...
These little faces are my everything.

They are my heart and soul.
They are my life.
When I look at them I see Rick and I. I see our love.
In them I see my future.
I see God's grace.
I love to watch these little faces when they laugh.
And I hate to see them sad.
In these faces I see me.
For these sweet boys will become what I am.
What a convicting thought.
Oh Lord thank you for these little faces.
For it's in them that always remind me to look to you.
You are my father, my protector my guide.
Please help me to keep a smile on my face and to always trust in you so I can direct them.
Help me to slow down, enjoy every moment, remember what's important.
But more than anything, help me to always get to see these little faces smiling back at me.
Much Love,

PS... My little guy is doing just find and just ended up with a slight black eye, some rug burn and bruising. He should be feeling and looking just like himself again really soon. =)


  1. So thankful that he is ok. You are so right, we take so many things for granted. Thanks for reminding me to slow down and not worry about the little things. (((HUGS))) and Prayers to you and your family :)

  2. I love your sentence, "Slow down, enjoy them, praise them, hug them, kiss them and listen to them." We all run like chickens without a head at times but through your tragedy and experience you have learned a lesson of appreciation for life- yours and your children's. Its not about all the "fluff" we allow in...its slowing down and breathing in the seconds. Thank you for sharing this precious lesson learned.

    1. =) Thank you TanaLee. Thank you for your sweet words. You're a blessing! =)

  3. Natalie, I hope you get this. This is Natalie, Adam, and Lydia's mommy, Kelly. Adam is my angel. I know you have commented on my blog here and there. Could you please email me. I have some questions I'd like to ask you in private. Thanks so much.