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October 16, 2012

Guess whooo's 10 months?!

Guess whoooo's 10 months?!
This sweet boy!
My sweet little Birdie boy. <3
Jonah has been busy very crawling, pulling up, getting into
 things and and trying all kinds of new foods. =)
He loves being with his Mommy and is quite the Mommy's boy..
He also loves playing with Daddy and his brothers! =)

This sweet little Jonah Bear is SUCH a blessing to us. He has continued
to help heal our hearts and fill us with so much hope.
Not a day goes by that we don't thank God for him and remember what a blessing He is..
This little pumpkin is really enjoying fall! We can't wait to dress him up all cute for Halloween.
He is going to be an owl this year. =)

Jonah loves to be outside and he loves to go on walks and car rides.
He loves to clap and wave! He also loves food and he loves to put everything
he "finds" in his mouth.. =)

Jonah has the sweetest and silliest personality. He loves to laugh and giggle.
He lights up the room with that smile.

As November approaches, I am reminded to be thankful.
I think how sad and heartbroken I was at this time last year.
Our family really has so much to "Give thanks"
for this year.
We truly are grateful and thankful for this precious gift..
He will always "be".."because of her"...
Maddie's little brother..
We never thought he would have been part of the plans for our
future, but we are sure glad he is..
We are thankful God and Maddie made a way
for him.
What a beautiful blessing he is to us...
I'm busy planning Jonah's 1st birthday! It's going to be a hoot!
Watching him grow this year has been amazing and healing in so many ways.
Thank you for loving him and us. =)
Much Love,


  1. Wow 10 months already!!! Where does the time go! I love the picture of him in the nest!!! Do you mind if I copy cat you with that picture idea for my little man? Jonah is so adorable. I just love his hair and little fohawk.

    1. I know! He's growing so quickly but I'm loving every minute of watching him grow! =)
      I don't mind at all if you use this pose!! I thoughtit was so sweet. =) Thank you!

  2. My goodness--he is just precious!