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June 22, 2012

Jonah Bear update...6 months!

Well our little Jonah Bear is grooooowwwing...

At his 6 month check up he weighed in at a whopping 19 lbs 8 oz and 28 3/4 inches long. I can't believe how chubby he is!

He enjoyed tearing up the paper. Ha!

He loves to eat. I'm still nursing full time but I have recently introduced baby food. So far, he's tried green beans, carrots and sweet potatoes... He isn't quite loving it yet. I guess in time he will.

He's not really a fan of cereal either. He's just like Noah was as a baby. He just wants to nurse all the time. We are gonna keep introducing veggies to him and hopefully he'll enjoy them a little more soon. It's fun watching him try new things. :)

Jonah's sleep schedule has been tricky recently. The last two nights he's slept 10 hours again. Yes! But earlier in the week he was getting up once or twice in the night. I really can't complain though, I'm enjoying this all again so much.

He's finally sleeping in his crib because he outgrew his bassinet. He's a bit of a light sleeper and Rick and I felt that we were keeping him up in our room, so now he's across the hall. I'm actually really proud of myself for moving him into his nursery. I didn't think I would ever be able to feel comfortable enough for him to go in there. I check on him throughout the night and of course I have a monitor on him all he time. It helps my heart to feel at ease. I like to hear his little noises and see his movements throughout the night.

Talking to his friends =)

He loves his owl/birdie mobile... <3

Jonah LOVES his room. We play in there a lot. I rock him and feed him there. It's a calming soothing room that we both really enjoy spending time in. I'm thankful we were able to create such a happy place in a room that made me so sad for so long. It's been a blessing.

Maddie Bird <3

Playing with his birdie family =)

My sister is an angel <3

We love this onesie!

Jonah is wearing 9 months clothes now! He's rolling and sitting and trying to get on his knees. He grabs anything and everything within his reach and then of course, he puts it to his mouth. He wants to eat everything!! He seems to be teething but none have popped through yet.. I'm gonna keep watching..

Jonah has been spending his summer LOVING on his brothers!!! We have been going swimming and to Kings Island amusement park. We go on walks and play outside. Jonah absolutely lights up when Noah and Elijah come around. He LOVES his big brothers so very much!

Thanks Kellie Staats for this cute idea for father's day...=)

I have lots of stories to share about this week, including a really hard day on father's day. Rick and I were challenged again with a huge trial in our lives. I don't have the energy to share that now, but I will soon. We are thankful to put last week behind us and move forward. We are continuing to trust God and praise Him through both the hard and good days.

So for today, where are we???

We are loving more than anything having Jonah in our family. I don't think I can imagine what life without him would be like. We are just so thankful to be watching him grow and learn and become the precious little boy that he is. I don't know what the future holds for our family, but I think it's safe to say, that we are so happy and in love right now. We are enjoying watching these three fabulous little boys grow up. It's just so fulfilling. Maddie Grace is never far from our thoughts, and we know we will be seeing her again. But for now, we just thank the Lord for the precious children we have here that we are raising up for Him, always believing and looking for the good things in life. And Jonah is most definitely one of the best things that could have happened to our family!

Here was a snapshot of my boys and I on Mother's Day...  I need to get an updated family photo taken soon!

I'll be writing again soon and sharing Jonah's 6 month photo shoot... Until then.

Much Love,


  1. I don't know if I ever commented to tell you, but CONGRATULATIONS! He's beautiful! Looks like a happy family! I'm so glad for you guys!

    Love and Prayers!

    1. Thank you SO very much, Becky!
      He is such a little blessing! We definitely are happier than we've been in such a long time. Thank you for your sweet wishes! =)

  2. Oh my goodness! Jonah has changed so much in these last few months and he is still so adorable!

    1. Thank you Carissa!!! He is growing so fast and changing so much! It's been a blessing to watch. =)

  3. Oh my goodness he is just so precious!! LOVED the pictures :)

  4. You have a beautiful family!!! Love all the pictures, especially the one with DAD spelled out and Jonah eating his letter :) Praying for you guys!!!

  5. Thank you Crystal! You are so sweet! I always appreciate your continued prayers. =) Love ya!