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June 14, 2012

A Celebration of Hope

Last week marked a very special day for our family and for Jonah Asher!

He is now 6 months old!!!

Part of me can't believe he's been with us for half a year already, while the other part of me feels like he's been here all along. It truly is amazing how quickly time passes.

As his "half birthday" approached, I just found myself thanking God...

For Jonah.

For our family.

And for hope.

He always has and will continue to be a symbol of hope in our lives.

When I wake to his smiling face every morning, I'm reminded. I give a sigh of relief and thank the Lord for another day with him.

I'm sure over time, the fear will subside, but I'm still so thankful and hopeful I will get to watch him grow up.

When he was born, God brought our hope to sight and renewed it completely.

Everyday, as we watch him grow and learn, we continue to pray that he will stay with this family for the rest of our lives.

He is holding true his name and I'm so happy that he fits it. Jonah = Dove. Asher = happy and blessed. We surely feel happy and blessed by our sweet little birdie boy.

He has brought complete happiness back to our family. Who knew someone so small could make an impact so big? Yet another way he takes after his big sister. =)

He truly is amazing.

The day he was born, my life changed forever. I will never forget this moment...

Sometimes I find myself holding him and still crying. I'm just so thankful that God gave us this sweet, precious bundle of hope.

He will always remind us to never give up and to trust that God knows best... always.

When I think of Maddie not being here and I am missing her so much, I just thank God that she made a way for her precious brother to be with us. Watching him grow is so fulfilling. He will always remind me of his sister in so many ways, but for that I am thankful.

The last six months have truly been amazing and I just can't wait for the next six and the years to follow.

We love our Jonah Bear more than words can express. He is a wonderful addition to our family. Not a day goes by that one of my boys don't say how happy they are that he's here, or how happy they are to have a little brother.

Jonah will truly never know what he did for our family. There was just no greater gift that God could have given us than him. And so with that being said... Enjoy some pictures of our little "half" birthday celebration.

Featuring... Our sweet Rainbow of Hope.

He truly has helped carry us through the greatest storm of our lives. Thank you to all of you for walking through it with us as well.


Rainbow cupcakes the boys made for Jonah Asher...

They enjoyed the candy too. :)

My boysie's... not sure what Eli was doing with his shorts. lol.

Our sweet Rainbow...


Oooooh, what's this?

He wasn't sure...

Until he got the whole plate...

I think he liked it!

Don't worry, he only got to feel the cake.. He'll have to wait till a year for a taste...

The aftermath... Lol

Thanks for taking a peak into our sweet boy's half birthday! I will be sure to update some recent pictures and what he's been up too soon. Also, I have some sweet "Maddie Grace" moments I want to share. In the mean time, I hope all of you have a happy and blessed week!

Much Love,


  1. Happy six months, Jonah !! I can never come to your blog without crying, Natalie :) oxxoxo

  2. Happy 6 months sweet Jonah! You are a special little boy in a lot of peoples eyes! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Soooo precious!!!!

  4. He is so cute, time does move way too fast!!