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February 27, 2013

Jonah Asher's one year photo shoot.. =)

Well our little rainbow of hope is now 14 months old and time isn't slowing down at all...

I had a photo shoot done for him last month and haven't shared the adorable-ness yet. =)

He's bringing joy to our lives day by day and we just LOVE him to pieces..

Jonah didn't give us too many smiles for his shoot (poor guy was fighting double ear infections) but he is still adorable as ever.

He's the sweetest baby boy. What a blessing he is to us!


Our little monkey

He gets kissed... often. =)

We joked that he looked like he was waiting for a bus. =)

Sweet smile

He LOVED the balloons!

Happy boy!

This one is my favorite. Love his sweet smirk. Love him.

Not too sure her.. lol. He looks surprised!

Kisses anyone? (part of his valentine shoot)

Sweet boy <3

Looking dapper.

I'm ONE!

Really Mom with the bow ties? =)

Okay, maybe being one isn't that great. lol


He sure is growing fast, but we are loving every moment!!
Much Love,


  1. he's getting so big!! Love him!

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