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February 18, 2013

Birthdays, Blessings and the Birds....

January and some of February has come and gone, and my heart is finally feeling much peace and hope again. I feel I can now fully move forward with my year after struggling through these beginning months. I imagine as the years go by, it will get a little lighter and I pray so, as my heart still aches for and misses my sweet girl. Yet through it all, God is good and His blessings continue to be abundant every single day of our lives.

We have been so very busy with many things going on and I feel terrible I have neglected this blog so greatly. I am hoping to find time to write again soon. I really miss writing...

But, among the busyness of our lives, we always seem to find time to stop and celebrate sweet moments in life. Just recently we have celebrated both our younger sons birthdays, and my 30th birthday as well.

As my birthday approached this year and I've now entered a new decade of life, my heart has pondered so many things. What a journey it's been. I promise to share about my birthday and our fabulous trip to NYC soon, but I still owe you some birthday pics from Jonah's and Eli's party!!

I've talked so much this last year about our little birdie boy, Jonah Asher. And planning Jonah's 1st birthday was another huge step in healing for me.

This party was such a blessing to throw and with every project I worked on to prepare, I found myself thanking God over and over again for the lives of my children and the opportunity to celebrate them.

Since Elijah and Jonah's birthdays are only 4 days apart, we decided to have their birthdays together in early December before the rush of the holidays.

It was such a sweet day!

Both the boys reached big birthday milestones this year as Jonah turned one and Elijah turned five. What a blessing both of these little boys are to my heart and in my life.

Since I've never had the opportunity to throw Maddie Grace's 1st birthday, I think I poured even more of my heart and soul into this one. I started pinning and planning from the time Jonah was like 2 months old. =) I really do love throwing party's, it's definitely one of my passions in life.

In preparing, I knew I wanted to go off of Jonah's nursery theme and throw a Forest friends party. I wanted to also somehow incorporate Madeline into the party. I just felt like she should have a part in it. =) It all really came together turned out perfectly.

We decided on a Boys are a Hoot/Forest friends party. And with it being winter and so beautiful out we made a special Winter woodland "One"derland room for Jonah Bear. It was so special.

We had the party at my Mom and Dad's big beautiful home in the country where there was tons of space to celebrate.

As I prepared and worked for days, I just found myself finding happiness and peace in this day and in this party. It was very healing for me.

I worked and worked along side some good friends and my family to turn their home into a Forest Friends winter wonderland. It was beautiful.

But, the best part of it all... was the joy on the faces of my sweet little boys. They were both so happy. So excited!

It truly was a blessing to see and experience.

I have so many pictures to share and I think they can best describe the day, but just before I do, I want to share the special way Maddie made her presence at the party...

Just as the party time arrived and the guests were beginning to pull in, I ran to my van to touch up my makeup.

My parents home is surrounded by trees and as I walked out onto their porch, I was stopped dead in my tracks.

The noise caught my attention first.

The most beautiful noise I had heard all day.

It was hundreds and thousands of birds! They were all chirping and singing sweetly in the trees.

My eyes wandered to the right as I scanned the tree line...

They were everywhere! They were flying and hopping and landing in the treetops.

The front field was filled with them too. I watched as waves of them swooped across the land as they played with each other and hopped happily about.

I walked to my van and watched them soaring over head.

It was such a sight.

I sat in my van to put on my makeup but I couldn't keep my eyes off of them.

I felt like Maddie Grace was there.

She was smiling down on this day wishing her big and little brother the best birthday. And she was.

I gathered myself and went inside with the biggest smile on my face.

I found Rick and told him Maddie was with us. He went outside to see.

What a blessing that when I least expect it, God gives us those sweet little hugs and gifts of peace. This time it was through all those Maddie's birds. It truly was a blessing.


These sweet Maddie birds were all around.. So sweet!

Welcome to the party!!!
Forest friend ears =)
Elijah Braden is 5!!!

Woodland mantle
All of the boys favorite forest friends came.


Woodland Dining room
Jonah's cake

Eli's cake

Forest friends cupcakes!!

Owl, Bear and Hedgehog cake pops!!


Little owl Treat table

Ornament candy keepsakes for the kids!

Boys are a Hoot treat bags!

Mason Jar drinks
Jonah Bear Cupcakes

"Hoot" chocolate station


Loved making thes fun lanterns!!

Jonah's "Onederland" table..
Jonah's baby book

A beautiful album online. I loved that it matched his theme. =)
This says "Winter Woodland Onederland"
Just had to post a pic of my Mom's pretty tree =)
The kiddos posing in their forest friends ears =)
Jonah Bear Picnic =)

The babies loved the mushroom play tent =)

Holding my sweet "ONE" year old =)

Me and my big 5 year old!!



Everyone loved the jar drinks!

Entering Eli's Enchanted forest...

Eli's archery!!

He was pretty good!
Forest friends masks

Raccoon picture frames

The cutest little game..
I was gonna read this by the fire... but it was strangely warm that day so we never lit the fire.. Jonah loves the puppets! =)
Pinata time!

Even the adults had fun!!

Time for cake!!!

Rick smashed Eli's face.. lol


He was a fan =)

Everyone loved all the treats while Jonah enjoyed his cake!! =)

The aftermath... lol
And after a quick bath and an outfit change...
My little Jonah Bear was ready for presents!

He loved his bear rocker!

And his puppy walker!

But my most favorite gift was the beautiful quilt Mrs. BJ made...

And look who she incorporated into the quilt... <3
My sweet girl.. miss her so.
What a great party... Everywhere I looked I saw smiling faces.
We truly are so blessed!!


I'm so grateful my sweet boys both had such a great party.
We are so blessed to be able to celebrate a/another year of life with our sweet boys.
We are blessed.
I'll never forget this sweet day. What a wonderful year with my boys. <3
I sure am grateful for many things, and I try to find happiness daily, but today I'm really grateful for
Birthdays, God's blessings... and the birds. =) It's the little things in life that truly do mean the most! =)
Much Love,


  1. What a precious party!!!! You did an absolutely amazing job on EVERYTHING! Looks like a very blessed day. And so glad Maddie was there with you guys on this special day :).

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