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September 10, 2012

Where he leads me, I will follow...

A few days ago as I was checking my emails, I noticed a comment notification on my blog.

I clicked on it thinking it was probably on my last post, Moments like these...

To my surprise, I saw that it was on my very first entry, "A new beginning."

I followed the link curious what the comment said in it's entirety and then I began reading...

I was in awe...

She wrote..

"I am so amazed by the strength in you, that God has given you. Tears are streaming down my face, almost too hard to control.

You know, this morning I woke up angry. I woke up angry and irritated that my daughter was crying and wouldn't fall back asleep. You see, she likes to do her own thing, and I get so frustrated, so easily, and this morning was no different. I started thinking I need to pray, I need to pray, but my irritation was so strong, I fed her, let her fall asleep, and set her down next to me. As soon as I sat her down, she started to squirm again and get fussy.

My irritation continued, and I was angry. I told myself that I needed to empathize with her because she is sick, and I am sick too. When I'm sick I want to be taken care of and given extra love, and that is what she needs. I decided to look up the words "empathizing with your baby" in google. I just felt like I needed something to calm me down. And that's when the link for your blog was the first option google pulled up. It had the words Gods gift of grace....

I clicked on it, and read the story of Elijah crying for baby Maddie and wanting to go to heaven. I started crying. God led me straight to your story, because he knew what my heart needed.

Our children are our gifts from God. Everyday is a challenge, but a blessing and love that God has given us. Thank you Natalie, for sharing your story. It is truly amazing the strength and love that runs through you, and I pray for your family and the blessings God has."

This made my heart smile. What a blessing. I was thankful for her words that day. And I was so curious...

I quickly googled "empathizing with your child" fully expecting my blog link to pull up as it did for this person.

To my surprise, It did not.

I rearranged my words, thinking it will would somehow.

Yet, it still didn't.

She was right, it was God that lead her there, right to my blog help her but in return, she helped me.

What. a. blessing.

I was thankful that God lead her that day to my blog, and I was thankful that God lead me to write it.

Maddie Grace's ministry goes on. Even if it's just to encourage a tired Momma. Even if it's to remind someone that life is short. Or to remind everyone to try to cherish each moments with our children (even on the hard days). Or to encourage someone along this road of motherhood or even life.

My biggest fear was that Madeline would be forgotten, but she hasn't. Her life and legacy continues to help many and for that I'm grateful.

What a blessing this has been to my heart.

It was just what I needed as a Mom to know the hard days too will pass. We are all going through something. We all have heartaches and hardships that that we have to endure, but we also have a loving Lord who will guide us. We just have to be willing to follow.

He will provide. He will lead us.

All we have to do is simply follow.

So blessed by this.

Much Love,

And to my sweet Anonymous encourager... Thank you, from the bottom of my heart thank you for your sweet words!


  1. WOW!!! Now I am in tears after reading this. God does put things in front of us at just the right time. He is an on time God!!! Love this post!!!

  2. Thank you Crystal! =)
    Yes, He is. Always on time.
    Love ya girl!