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February 9, 2012

Desires of the heart...

Love is in the air...It's that time of year where pink and red prevail and cupid and hearts are every where you look. It's almost Valentines Day.

I love this holiday!

Maybe because it celebrates love. Maybe because it's filled with lots of pink and sparkles, all things girly.

I don't know exactly what it is, but I definitely have a lot of fun on this holiday.

I always set out special treats and balloons for Noah and Eli. We make Valentines and cookies and we just celebrate how much we all love each other.

As I think about love, I can't help but be grateful for Rick and my boys. They fill my life with so much love on a daily basis and they have taught me what real love is all about.

I trusted my sweet Husband with my heart 8 years ago and he has not let me down yet. And because of the love we have created and committed to each other, out of it, our 4 precious children were born.

All because two people fell in love... =)

My sweet babies trust me. I take care of them, provide for them and meet their needs. I have been given a great privilege to do so and I'm so thankful for it.

But raising children is a hard job and none of us parents should take it lightly.

I love to read the Word of God. It helps me have a better relationship with the Lord and my Husband. It helps me to know my role as a mother and parent. It gives me the instructions I need for life.

People joke that children do not come with an instruction manual, but that's not true. The Bible gives us all the instructions we need to raise our children and the rest falls to prayer.

Do you pray for you children?

Maybe that sounds like a crazy question and you can quickly answer, "Yes! Of course!"

But do you PRAY for you children on your knees, begging God to use them? Keep them safe? Prepare them for life.

I know I fall short here and everyday I try to find the time amidst caring for them, my husband and my home to truly pray for them. It can be a challenge.

Yet those little loves of mine are growing up everyday and moving one step closer to being out of our home and on there own.

Who they become will have a LOT to do with how I've raised them. What they do in life and the kind of person they are will be a reflection of my Husband and I.

Just the other day, Eli asked me "Mama, what can I be when I grow up?"

Most parents responce..."Anything you want to be, honey. Just follow your dreams."

Not bad.... but how about this...

"You can be whatever God wants you to be, sweetie."

I love that. Rick says it to the boys all the time and it makes so much sense. You can't be out of the will of the Lord if you ask Him what you are to do in this life. He will show you.

If you would have told me almost 7 years ago while I was expecting my first child that I would have been a Stay at home Mommy, I would've laughed.

Not me!

I love to be out and about. I went to college for Education and had every single intention on teaching 2nd grade in our Christian School. That was what "I" always wanted to do. That was my plan.

However, God had different plans.

The moment I held my firstborn son, I knew. That was it. I was to be a Mom and a wife. That would be my job.

It's sad too. So often being a Stay at home Mom is frowned upon. People say "oh you don't work?"


I believe the job I do is the most important job on earth outside of a Preacher pointing people to Christ.

I'm molding a little life for the future.

My little sweethearts stay with me until they go to school and from there I continue to teach them and shape their lives into the people they are.

I LOVE MY JOB! It is what God called me to do; to love my children and love my husband with my whole heart. To provide the needs of my children and be a help meet to my husband.

I love to help build my husband up. I love to be able to encourage him when he's down. I love to be able to take care of his needs and take care of our home and our children. We are such a team. It takes both of us to make it happen.

So as I think of my sweet boys and Husband, I think about the verse I claimed many years ago when I first became a Christian.

Psalms 37:4 Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

I love this verse!

And for so long I thought it meant, If  I'm happy in the Lord, he'll give me want I want in life (my desires.)

I mean who doesn't like to get what they want? I know I do.

But through time and searching out the heart of God, I soon realized what this verse really means...

If I delight myself and am happy in the Lord, He WILL give me the desires of my heart. But.... Those desires are not what (I) want for myself, but what He wants for me.

For when my heart is in tune with the Lords.... my desires will be His desires. My will, will be His will.

And truly, there is no better place to be that the will of God.

Are there still desires in my heart that have not been fulfilled? Sure. Of course.

There are many things I would love to see happen still in this life.

One particular is for the Lord to give us another daughter and let us raise her. I don't know if this is His will. I know I desire it, but is this his desire for me? I'm still praying and searching Him for that among many other things in this life.

But one thing is for sure. There is not a better place than to be in tune with the Lord.

He has filled so many of my desires...

My desire to marry the love of my life.
The desire to bear children and raise them so far.
To be in a Church and have a wonderful Pastor and Church family who loves me.
To use my sweet daughter's life for the good in this life and point people to Christ.

Those are just to name a few.

God desires so much for us and so often when we get caught up in what we want, we lose sight of it.

So, I want to challenge myself and all of you to tune your desires to the Lords. I promise you, you will not regret it. He has great plans for our lives.

Maybe you are struggling with a sick loved one.
Maybe you are dealing with infertility.
Maybe you lost a close family member.
Maybe a job fell through or you were let go.
Maybe you are going through financial trouble.
Maybe you are struggling with trust and fear of bad things happening in your life. Or happening again.

Whatever it may be, God knows our hearts before we even pour it out to Him.
And He desires so much for us.

He loves us.

He LOVES us.

So this Valentines Day as you find yourself surrounded by those you love and those who love you. Remember God, the one whose love for us is grater than we could ever imagine.  John 3:16

And may we fall in love with the desires of His heart for us, so we may be happy in ours.

Much Love,

Here's a sneak peak of our sweet Jonah's latest photoshoot! I will post the rest when I get them. =)

Also... =)
In honor of my little loves, I wanted to share this video Rick made. It was the very first one he did. He's so great at these! Enjoy!

Also, thank you so very much for your sweet words about "Maddie's song" and video on the previous post. We are glad you all loved it as much as we do! =)


  1. Oh Natalie... I ate up every word of this... All it of resonates within me. praying for my children, how i need to do that more in the busy day to day. The way people frown upon stay at home moms...yet we have such a HUGE job to do. such responsibility. Thankyou for this motivator and encouragement today. God is so good, He has blessed us so much.

  2. Great post Nat, with everything going on lately and getting ready to be a mommy myself really enjoyed reading this blog. I was feeling very overwhelmed yesterday with shower plans, getting the nursery together, not to mention the fear and anxiety that comes with becoming a mom, then there is wedding planning and so much more going on right now that it is really difficult not to become really overwhelmed. Don't get me wrong I'm beyond excited about all of these things to but it was good to hear just to trust in the Lord. Pray and lean on him to know your heart's desires and just Trust he will provide and that He has a plan. Thanks really needed to hear some of these things tonight and I hope you have a great Valentine's day!

    Love Nicole

  3. Natalie, thank you for the challenging words. I completely agree with you about the great task us moms have ahead of us in raising our children. I was just thinking today about how sad it is that in the world we're living in, many times you are looked down upon if you choose to stay at home and raise your family...but what a reward it is to those who make that sacrifice and do! Children are one of God's greatest gifts, and I feel blessed that God chose to fulfill one of my dreams, as well and become a mommy. You have challenged and encouraged me today. Thank you. You're doing a GREAT work. Lots of prayers, Lacey Lamb

  4. Your post really touched me. It has challenged me as a mom to pray more for my boys. Yes, I pray for them daily and pray that God will lead them down the right path but I have room to pray more. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me. You will never know how much you bless me. Love ya!!!

  5. Love the video! Really a sweet example.