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December 5, 2011

Baby it's cold outside... Baby shower!!! =)

There is something so special about attending a baby shower. It's a day when pregnancy and the anticipated arrival of a a new baby is celebrated. The mother and baby are spoiled as gifts are given to help prepare for after the baby arrives. It is a time of excitement and joy.

This was my fourth baby shower. I am blessed beyond measure. Noah, Eli, Maddie and even Jonah now have received showers of blessings. With everyone I've felt full of joy and love as many have come together to celebrate my children. I've enjoyed each and every one of them and I'm so blessed for such a wonderful family who feels the need to spoil my children and I. We truly are blessed.

As the date for Jonah Asher's shower arrived, I was a little bit of a mess. I was so excited to get together with family and friends. I was looking forward to opening gifts for my sweet baby boy and spending time with all the people who mean so much to me. Yet at the same time, I was scared. Scared of how I would react and if I would be able to "hold" it together and get through the day. I was missing Maddie Grace so very much and thinking back to her shower just one year ago.

I arrived at my sister in law's house and was so surprised! All my friends and loved ones were inside all cozy and warm and dressed up in pj's!!! Annette decided to throw a pj baby shower for me!

I was told to go out to my car and in my backseat were my pj's that Rick had sent for me... How cute are they? He even remembered slippers!!! =)

So fun! I quickly ran and put the pj's on and got cozy and comfy with the other girls.
Then I started checking out the decor....

Annette did a "Baby it's cold outside" winter baby shower theme and let me tell you it was SO CUTE!

There were little stars hanging from the ceiling that said "Our shining star, Jonah Asher." =)

The table spread was also AMAZING... Check it out... I loved ALL the little details that went with the winter theme. So perfect!

Party favors...These say sprigs of "hope" and Jonah Asher Ross <3

The sweetest snowman cheese ball. =)

There were little gifts all over the house with words like, hope, peace, faith... etc.

I loved this! She even popped blue popcorn!

This was a hot chocolate bar with ALL the fixins. Yum!

She even had teas...

Jonah's sweet cake

I loved all the flowers and baby's breath everywhere. <3

The "shoe" tree... This was so special!

Everyone brought in a pair of shoes and a sweet note for us. It was precious.

The most precious gift I received that night... Remember the shoes that were "prayed" over by my Mother in Law? These are them. They are 56 years old. My Father in Law and my Husband learned to walk in them... She passed them on to Jonah. Isn't that so SO special... What a gift.

Even Maddie Grace was there... <3

Thank you Annette for such a wonderful shower. I will never forget it. What a special night.

A toast for Jonah Asher...

The gang...

The expectant Mommies...Amanda and Kylee, Jenny and Kenley, Nat and Jonah and Adrian and Kinsleigh. So fun!

This was more than just a baby shower. It was a celebration of hope. I specifically remember that night standing in the dining room with Mrs. Ross and some of the other girls. We were talking about what a hard year it had been, but how God has given us strength and grace to get through it all. Madeline has made us all better. She has changed our lives.

There was such a sweet spirit there that night. There were a lot of tears, happy and sad. There were moments I broke down completely while opening gifts. I remember looking around and seeing everyone wiping their eyes; for me, for Maddie. We are so loved.

Everyone that was there that night loved her and they love me. They love Jonah and are so happy that he will be filling my arms soon.

Every gift I received was more than just your "typical" baby shower gift. There was so much thought and generosity behind everything I received. The embroidered blankets, the special things made on etsy, the sweet letters and all the little shoes. They blessed my heart so much.

Just a few days before the shower, I remember it really dawning on me that whatever he does in this world, will be so special. If he goes into the ministry and leads a Church. If he goes to the Mission field to tell those about Christ. If he becomes an evangelist and witnesses to the lost. Or if he even just takes a regular every day job, he will be impacting lives. Every soul he witness to. Everyone that he tells the story of his sister, he will touch. He will impact eternity in a great way. He is here because she isn't. He is so special. He is so loved. He is so wanted. I can't even wait to see what he will do. He came to us when all hope seemed lost against all odds. When a girl was "prayed for" God gave us this little boy fully knowing that he had a job to do.

Annette had told me shortly after I found out I was expecting Jonah that she wanted to throw my shower because she had something special she wanted to do for me. She told me that she knew Jonah was going to "have some big shoes to fill." So, she wanted to have a shoe tree and fill it up with many pairs for him to wear. She's right, he does have some big shoes to fill. God has given him this opportunity and I believe God will allow him to fill some great ones. How special that God gave that to her. Everyone brought in notes and wishes about the shoes they brought for him. He ended up with so many precious pairs of special shoes.

Maddie Grace had so many little pairs. She never got to wear them or walk in them, but she filled some great shoes in this world.

Jonah will do the same. With every pair that I put on him, I will pray that God will direct his steps. I will pray that his little feet will do something wonderful in this world for the cause of Christ. God has great plans for this little boy, and so do we. What a blessing he is!

Thank you so much Annette for making our shower so special. Rick and I will forever be grateful. <3 We love you!


  1. I love the shower pictures!!! That is a really neat idea. And then again, your post made me cry as always. You have such a gift. You are so inspiring. I pray that God continues to bless you and your family. Praying for you!!!

  2. That is the SWEETEST baby shower, so jealous!! Looks like a ton of fun :)

  3. Your shower looked great! I bet it was nice to sit in cozy comfy clothes for hours...probably right up to your bed time really! lol I love the shoe tree, especially the shoes your husband learned to walk in...i would have fallen apart when I saw Glad things went well and to see Maddie included was awesome.

  4. What a beautiful shower. So glad you were able to have a relaxing time, being comfortable resting in hope, just enjoying a celebration for Little Jonah...and all God's blessings. So blessed to read your words at the end of this post too. They just touch my heart. So looking forward to seeing Jonah fill your arms. He WILL do great things. After having two girls everyone thought we would have a boy for sure, and when we found out we were having "another" girl a lot of people expected us to be disappointed. But one friend of mine shared with me a simple thought. she said that God must have REALLY wanted us to have this little girl at this time, because He could have given us a boy, but He especially gave u her. And now we have seen why, through her birth, my injuries, her having down syndrome...all these things...people have been blessed, lives are being changed, and people are seeing the Glory of God through her. It is so awesome. I can't wait to see little precious Jonah, and all God has in store for Him. I know you will teach Him well...and that God will continue to bless you all as you serve Him with your all. Love you all! God bless

  5. Agian I am crying, I can never read your blog with out crying, even if it is happy tears. What an amazing sister in law, and what an amazing shower!!! Can I borrow her, say around the first of June! hehe! She can work with a summer theme! She can sure put a party together! I can not wait to see pictures of little Jonah Asher filling this blog! not long now. Praying for a safe healthy and happy delivery for mama and baby!


  7. what a beautiful celebration, would have loved to see your baby it's cold outside invitations

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