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December 27, 2011

Baby Blessings; our nest has been blessed.

Baby Blessings...

Of all God's blessings big and small
a Baby is the best of all:
A precious soul to love and raise,
to guide and nurture in God's ways.
A precious life to shape and mold
whose tiny hands are yours to hold;
a life entrusted in your care
to bathe in love and wrap in prayer.
Your life will be so richly blessed
with lots of joy and happiness,
you'll wipe away the baby tears,
enjoying him for many years.
The fresh clean scent of baby soap,
the innocence so full of HOPE, =)
your life will never be the same;
so welcome him in Jesus' name.

I love this sweet poem that was given to me on a bookmark with a sweet pin of "baby shoes." It couldn't be more perfect and I love that it said "so full of hope." What a blessing. Finally, I'm doing all of those things. Wiping baby tears. Giving baths. Holding tiny hands. And just completely enjoying my baby. Every moment I spend with him, each new day is a blessing. I'm not taking anything for granted. Nothing. I'm cherishing every second.

They sent me home from the hospital with that "little pink bottle of shampoo" I've talked about before in my post "The Snowglobe"... You can find it here...

 It is the smell that I remember of my sweet Maddie. I'll never forget holding Jonah and smelling that sweet smell. It almost took my breath away it was so wonderful. I felt like I was holding her as I held him. It was so so sweet. I kept the bottle and I smell it often. Oh the sweet little reminders.

Oh Lord will you help me to shape and mold this sweet little one into the person You want him to be. For we know he is so special and You have great plans for him. He is such a blessing through the midst of a storm. He is truly a rainbow baby and we are so grateful for him.

I have SO much to share still, pictures, stories of our first Christmas and some heartache over missing Maddie, but today, I just want to hold my baby and be grateful that he is here. So for now, here are some of our professional pictures. The first set is from the hospital at one day old. The second set was taken by my friend Lois of Sunshine Portrait Studio at 4 days old, or should I say new. =) Oh how I love this baby boy!

In the Hospital at one day new. =)

Four days new... so much love behind these photos...
My sweet friend Lois wanted to take pictures of Jonah in a nest. These pictures couldn't be more perfect, I just LOVE how they turned out! Enjoy =)

This picture speaks volumes to me... Jonah and Maddie Birdie. <3

Our nest truly has been blessed... Thank you Lord for our Little Dove, Jonah...<3


  1. Oh Natalie,
    you've done it again. I'm speechless as tears nearly fall from my eyes. Your nest has been blessed. Your baby bird/dove has finally landed and is here to stay. I love the photos...simply perfect for this kind of thing. hugs mama and enjoy-

  2. Natalie! You are so wonderful! I love yoour expressions and those cute pictures with the owl..oh my!

  3. Your little bird of hope is ADORABLE!!! The pictures are beautiful.

  4. Love the squishy face picture of him with the hat on. <3 So cute!

  5. OMGosh he is darling!! Congrats again, hope you had a gentle Christmas! Thinking of you <3

  6. Simply Gorgeous, Natalie. God is GOOD!

  7. It is amazing how much he looks like his older sister! What a blessing! He is perfect!

  8. I was just awed by how much he looks like Maddie! Wow. What a gift and blessing!

  9. Hi Natalie! What a beautiful baby boy you have! Your name comes to my heart often, though I don't know why. I mean we've never even met, but I pray for you and your family. I too, have three boys. I have a six year old daughter named Madeline Claire. Maybe that's why I think of you. I hope that didn't sound insenitive mentioning her name. I think God gives each of us many special gifts, but of the few that are mentioned in the bible, I have the one called discernment. Sometimes I hate that.

    I only posted once before about Psalm 91. Did you ever get a chance to look over that? I always want to be that wonderful woman that rises up early and be called blessed. The psalm 91 person seems much more difficult. So...after all that I was wondering, how you are holding up. I hope that doesn't sound rude.please forgive me if you thought so. I know what it's like to be a post partum mom with plummeting hormones. Along with all of that Do you find yourself anxious fearful, worried? I know those things are not of God, but I know how human we all are.

    Allison Thompson
    Monument, CO