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September 1, 2011

6th Birthday and Back to School...

Well, summer has come to an end around here and with the end of summer has brought a new school year.

Before Noah headed off to first grade though, we had some celebrating to do.

August 19th, he turned 6 years old and we celebrated with him in an "ahoy matey" kind of way. =)

All summer, the boys have loved watching Jake and the Never land pirates and so when I asked Noah what kind of party he wanted, of course that was the theme.

Unfortunately, there was no "Jake" party ware to be found. I'm sure it will be available next year. lol. That's my luck, but in the mean time I decided to improvise to make my little boy's birthday every thing he dreamed of.

One thing I LOVE to do is throw birthday parties. I actually get really excited about it. =) I think I spent Noah's whole first year of life planning his adorable cowboy birthday. It's just so fun to plan parties!

So, I pulled it all together and we had a Pirate party to remember... Enjoy some pictures (sorry they are a little blurry. My good camera's battery bit the dust the day before and I have to special order a new one online.)

Yo ho let's go...

Noah was Jake and Eli was Cubby
Burried treasure

Noah in his pirate shirt from Cozumel

Treasure chest

Kids table

Jake and the never land coloring sheets!

Sea Dogs and Pirate burgers
Nautical cookies

Noah's treasure chest cake
It looked so real!
Never land cupcakes

Cake table

Treasure Hunt!

Eli taking a turn at the pinata

Noah's turn

Blowing out the candles...

Once the party was over, we were off to pack for Rick to leave for China... I have to say, I was not looking forward to him leaving at all. Neither were the boys. He planned to be gone for an entire week on a business trip and I knew it would be the hardest trip on me yet. Not to mention the fact that Noah was starting full day school in 1st grade and I was constantly being reminded that time was passing faster and faster. The kids were growing up more and more and Maddie was not a part of it. My heart was broken. But we shared a birthday breakfast with Noah on his actual birthday and then took him to game stop. After that, Rick was off to the airport. The boys and I were so sad. When Rick's not here, I feel like I've lost even more of myself. I need him so much in my life. He's my rock.

Birthday Breakfast with our 6 year old =)

Birthday hat =)
At Gamestop!

After we said our goodbyes, we pushed forward and got Noah ready for 1st grade...

Here are some more pics of him getting ready for and his first day of 1st grade. =)

School supplies

Finding his desk at Orientation
Noah and Elijah

Getting ready for his first day of school

My barely 6 year old heading to first grade!
Showing off his backpack

And He's off... =(

But he gave one more smile to Mommy... <3

Another year gone by. Another year older. More precious memories to cherish for a lifetime. Did I take it for granted... not a chance. Life to me is way more precious than it was before. Life is beautiful.

Happy Birthday Noah Riley Ross, my sweet precious promise from God. <3

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."


  1. I love all the pics. I also loved your fall decorations. I know that its hard going on without Maddie but just think, it won't be much longer before we will get to see her again. The Lord is coming soon and what a wonderful day that will be. I know if she could talk to us, she would tell us to keep our Faith because Heaven is worth the wait. Praying for your family.

  2. Your boys are so handsome! Allison

  3. I Love when you post a new blog. This one is no exception. Loved seeing your precious boy's party. You did such an awesome job!! Looks like a great time!

    Also loved seeing PACE's on Noah's desk. yay, i did those too. So awesome that he has a christian school to go to. I'm planning on homeschooling, oct likely also with ACE.

    Much love to your family from ours. thnkyou for being such a blessing.

  4. Looks like such a great party! Your boys are just darling all dressed for school!

  5. we will get to see her one day and when we do it will be an amazing reunion (: