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May 2, 2012

A field of dreams...

Every now and then an opportunity comes along that is too hard to believe. It's one of those "is this really happening to us?" moments.

A few weeks ago, that happened to us. And it has completely changed our lives.

One of mine and Rick's dreams has always been to one day buy land and build a home. I'm sure this is honestly the dreams of most everyone, but we always hoped it would happen to us one day.

But like I said, it was just a dream. Well like my last post quoted, I learned this week, "Dreams really do come true." They do.

Rick was approached two weeks ago by Rhonda, a sweet friend of ours who has been a big part of our lives for a long time. She's truly been a blessing to us over and over again.

Rick was looking for a second job about 4 years ago and she approached him about coming to work for her company in sales. He took the offer, learned the business and worked his way up to Vice President and now runs the entire National branch of this company. I just know the Lord used Rhonda to lead Rick there. He has blessed Rick and I so much with this job. And He has allowed Rick to still be a full time part of the ministry of our Church as well. It's been amazing.

Rhonda shared that day with Rick some exciting news. She just recently purchased a piece of property with 7 1/2 acres that included a farmhouse and a big barn. This is a piece of land that we know well and see many times a week. It is the farm just across the street from our Church

We see this property every time we pull out of our Church parking lot. We have even taken family photos on this land. Ones that even Maddie Grace was a part of. =)

Rhonda told Rick that when she bought this land and that she knew when she bought it, it was meant for us. She told the man she bought it from (before she even talked to us) that she knew we needed this land and she was going to talk to us about buying it. She said the Lord laid it on her heart for us.

When I received the phone call from my Husband about her offer, my jaw dropped. We weren't even looking for land and were no where near ready (I thought) to make this kind of investment.  I listened to my Husband with open ears and waited to see what he said... We decided to pray about this decision with hopes that the Lord would lead our hearts to a decision. And He did.

That afternoon Rick asked me to meet him at the land so we could walk around and check it out. What happened next was something I will never forget.

He took my hand and walked me to the back of the 7 1/2 acre lot. It was a far walk and I quickly realized just how much land that truly is... We turned around once we reached the back.

Then we both stood there, hand in hand, completely silent. For a few minutes I don't think either of us spoke.

Then, he looked at me and I looked at him. It was like we both just knew. God gave us both a peace that we just knew. This was going to be ours.

With tears in our eyes, he pulled me close and said. I think this is it, Nat. This will be our home.

We were standing in a field of dreams.

It was like everything that had happened up until this moment just stopped.

The heartache. The fear. The pain. The wants and wishes. It all stood still with time as we faced this field that the Lord was blessing us with. We both knew.

I could see our Church off to the right in the distance but I truly could feel the Lords arms around me. Around us. It was amazing. What a blessing.

The following week as we prayed, everything was falling into place so perfectly. One thing after another, Rick and I found ourselves speechless. Numbers added up perfectly, down to the dollar. We had interest for the farmhouse from some friends of ours, who said they would rent it from us to help us pay down the property. And since the farmhouse needs much work, they said they would renovate it too. And get this, they were ready to move in immediately. Their lease was up in one week.

One thing after another fell into place and we just "knew" this was another one of the Lord's rainbows for our lives. Another precious blessing.

Well, I'm proud to say...

We are now the proud owners of that piece of that land. All 7 1/2 acres, the farmhouse and the barn. They belong to us now. =) It's still just so surreal. I just can't believe how the Lord has blessed us!

Rick and I walk around out there and almost cry. To think that the Lord would have such favor on us to give such a wonderful blessing. Through loosing so much with our beautiful daughter, He has in returned blessed us with another beautiful son and a future home for our family.


A farm.

A place to watch our boys grow up.  A place where we can watch them run and play and just be boys.

It just brings tears to my eyes as I type.

And the best part is, Maddie's memory is such a part of that farm.

The tree's that I had her maternity photos taken under. The yard where the boys cradled my belly and spoke to her. It was there. She will always be remembered there and that makes me so unbelievably happy. She will always be a part of it all. No mater what.

So many times, my eyes have wandered from our Church parking lot to that yard where we spent the day laughing under the tree's with our little boys and our precious girl. It was there that I felt her kicks as her brothers talked to my belly. It was there that I had so much hope for the future.

There on that land.

I can't tell you how full circle this brings me. Now our sweet rainbow of hope will grow up on that land with his big brothers. He will run in that very same yard. He will be here with us growing and becoming all that God wants him to be.

And to think he never would have been here. Our sweet Maddie Grace made a way for him. She has taught us of God's grace and goodness, and it is falling out fully onto our lives.

God has truly blessed us with another rainbow. Another blessing to show us how much He loves us and cares for us. Rick and I can't help but beam with excitement for what the future holds for us there.

We plan to build our home there in the next 4 to 5 years. In the mean time we will be maintaining the land and spending much time out there planting a garden and drawing up plans for our dream house. 

We absolutely love the fact that our boys have such a special place to grow up. Oh if you could see them run across the farm and play in the barn. It truly is a dream come true.

It will take us a little while to have our home built and be out there for good, but as my Husband tells me, "Everything worth waiting for will be worth the wait in the end, dreams take time."

I'm so thankful for the field of dreams that the Lord has blessed us with. It's amazing to think what our future looks like but one things for sure, it's bright.

I can only imagine what the Lord has in store. What a wonderful double rainbow God has given us. A sweet friend told me I should paint a rainbow on the back of the barn so when we one day look out from our home, we will remember; God carried us through the greatest storm of our lives, but at the end of it, was more of a blessing than we could of ever imagined. More that we could of dreamed.

Keep chasing your dreams, because sometimes when you're not even looking, they just might come true.

Much Love,

The photograph's below were taken on our land two years ago while expecting Maddie Grace. We had no idea it would one day be ours. It's just amazing! Enjoy!

Always with us my sweet girl. Always.


  1. Love this post! I love it when everything just falls into place :) blessings and rainbows!

  2. How neat, it was totally meant to be! It looks like such a beautiful piece of land! Congrats, that's amazing ((Hugs))

  3. Such an incredible story, Natalie! God is faithful! God is good! So happy for you all. Good things are in store for you and your family. Praying for you always!

  4. Natalie
    I came upon your blog quite by accident one day soon after you lost your Maddie, somehow I just ended up there. I am in Africa and have read of your progress for many months now - connections allowing. Thank you for your faith,grace and
    hope. I have learnt so much from you.
    Your daughter would be so proud.
    Congratulations on your latest blessing, may
    your new home bring
    you and your family a lifetime of happiness.

  5. Gave you an award on my blog because you inspire me. Check it out :)

  6. What a wonderful story! God has truly blessed your family

  7. What a special gift from God! The farm house is adorable!

  8. WOW! I love hearing how God moves his awesome ways in the lives of others! What a blessing!