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April 15, 2012

Hope found this Easter...

I vividly remember this month last year.

My heart was completely broken over Madeline.

It was almost Easter time, and Rick and I were just trying to get through each day. Just trying to breathe.

We were not sure what was ahead or what the future held for us; but we were just trusting in the Lord to carry us through each day.

It was then, the week before Easter that the Lord starting giving me all my hope signs; and a positive pregnancy test. =)

Little did I know just how much these two things would go hand in hand.

I was driving through my town and on the side of a local area Church, I saw a sign that said... "Find hope this Easter."

I remember reading it and thinking, " I could really use some of that.... Hope."

Then it dawned on me...

This baby is our hope.

From that moment forward, hope just kept pouring into my life.  I saw it everywhere. I heard it everywhere. I felt it everywhere.

God was walking with me and comforting me. He was filling my heart and my life with an abundance of hope. He still is. =)

You can re-read that post here...

I loved looking back to where I was a year ago. The posts leading up to our announcement too.

It just blesses my heart to see how God had such a plan for us...

When I read those words, I can't help but beam with smiles. I didn't announce my pregnancy until a few weeks after that post, but he was on his way. Our little bundle of hope.

I most definitely found what I was looking for.

God blessed me more abundantly than I could have imagined. He answered my prayer and gave me what I was searching for. He knew exactly what I needed.

And now, one year later, we were holding him in the flesh. Our little rainbow of hope.

Jonah's story stands to tell that dreams do come true. Prayers are answered. God is good.

This Easter was so sweet. Our arms were filled with Jonah, Elijah and Noah; but our hearts were full of Maddie Grace. We are blessed beyond all measure. We are so full of happiness again.

Looking back now, I can truly see that God had a plan all along, for me and for our precious family.

The road hasn't been easy, but the result was worth it.

I can truly say, I found it.

I found that hope I was looking for last Easter; and I continue to enjoy it everyday.

Thank you Lord for the hope you provide; and thank you for Your Son and what he gave for us. We can know we have heaven as our home, because of what Jesus did for us. John 3:16

Because of Your grace, we know we will be with Maddie again. Though we miss her with us here, we are so thankful that she is safe with you in Heaven.

Lord, you have given us so much and we are so very grateful.

To all of you reading, thank you for continuing to follow our story, it means so much to us. We hope all of you had a very blessed Easter as well.

Much love,

Our precious family on Easter this year <3


  1. Thinking of you. been missing your post you busy mama. ha! :)

    1. Thanks for missing me! :) You are so sweet!

  2. Oh my goodness, your little boys outfits are ADORABLE! God has so blessed you--you have such a beautiful family, those here on earth and your little one in heaven, too!

    1. Thank you, Carissa! :) God truly has blessed us! We are so grateful!